Spay/Neuter Program

All shelter animals are spayed or neutered prior to adoption.  The surgery is included in the adoption fee.

For personal pets of Unicoi County residents, we have a low cost spay/neuter program that is possible through a joint venture between the Margaret B Mitchell Clinic, Unicoi County Animal Shelter, and Unicoi County Humane Society. Prices include spay or neuter surgery, rabies vaccine, and a pain medicine injection. To register, stop by UCAS during normal business hours (M-Sat. 1-5pm). 

All dogs: $50
Female cats: $45

Male cats: $30

Call UCAS at 423-743-3071 for more information. Spay/neuter clinics are typically the last Thursday of each month.

We have other special spay/neuter programs for outdoor/community/feral cats- contact us to inquire about dates and pricing!

Not a Unicoi resident? Click this link to find low cost spay/neuter near you!

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